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  It’s a sunny LA day. With her Keystone 110 pocket camera, 7 year old Laura is at work in the backyard. Images of beanie dolls sitting on miniature wicker furniture drink tea. Stuffed animals hang from trees. The staging of photo illustrations has begun. Moving between Detroit, Los Angeles, and New York, Laura grew up surrounded by creativity. Her father was  a “Mad Men” Ad Man and her mother an artist. With 4 brothers and sisters, all pursuing their own form of creativity. Laura studied photography, receiving a BFA from The Center for Creative Studies in Detroit Michigan. She spent her fourth year in New York at the Alliance of Independent Colleges of Art Studio Program, interning at The Polaroid 20×24 Studio. In conjunction with photography, Laura has worked many years set decorating and constructing miniatures for both film and commercials. It is through this combination of fields that her work has developed into the detailed world of “Photo-Dioramas.” Through her years working in the commercial film art department, She also found herself needing to provide graphics for props and other applications. Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, became tools to add to her skill set. Laura currently lives in Los Angeles, freelancing as a Set Decorator, Graphic Designer and Illustrator.


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